"The Point" Lake Travis North Shore News

"The Point" was just a thought when a member of our staff moved to Point Venture, TX back in 2010. It was apparent that Point Venture TX and numerous other communities on the north shore of Lake Travis had no online presence or news feed and "The Point" was just a dream.

"The Point" is just getting started and we are asking members of the Lake Travis North Shore Community to email us breaking news stories. We are looking for folks to help in contributing stories, or writing for us as we get 'The Point' off of the ground. We ask that you email us any story that you would like to have considered. Please suggest to us any page you would like to see here on "The Point." We are looking for factual, fair and balanced stories.

Thank you for any help and or feedback you can give us.

Lake Travis Full Main Body 2016
Lake Travis Full  Summer 2016
Lake Travis Full 2016
Lake Travis Is Full Again Thsi Summer 2016
Mansfield Dam On Lake Travis Flood Gates Ope First Time In 7 Years - The Drought Is OVer.
Mansfield Dam On Lake Travis Is Full Sometimes Island Completely Under Water!